About Launch House

Launch House , the elite network of business owners, today announced the launch (and funding) of an investment firm called House Capital. Launching with $10M, the venture capital firm focuses on investing in start-ups in the growing business ecosystem around LH. With strong ties to the founders and leadership team, House Capital will work closely with the LH community to help grow and scale successful businesses.

House Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm focusing on seed investments in early-stage technology companies. In addition to investing in startups, the firm also provides mentorship to entrepreneurs working on ideas that could grow into successful businesses.

Launch House is an online platform where we connect entrepreneurs with investors from around the world,” said Michael Houck, co-founder of LH. It was very important to us that we leveraged the power of our network, which includes venture capital firms, private equity groups, family offices, and angel investors, and brought them together under one umbrella to invest in promising startups. We wanted to give founders access to the best opportunities without spending tens of thousands of dollars engaging directly with each investor.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with House Capital; an investment firm focused on helping entrepreneurs create impactful businesses with a social mission. Together we’ll provide capital, resources, and guidance to help startups scale fast and grow strong,” says the Founder of LH, Brett Goldstein. Launch House is committed to creating a space where people can build meaningful, profitable ventures.

We are fortunate to have supportive investors who believe in our vision and are grateful to those who join us on this journey. Our team includes world-class entrepreneurs, advisors, and executives who share our passion for creating meaningful businesses that positively impact lives around the globe.

From the start, we wanted to build a company where everyone felt comfortable being themselves. We’ve made our offices welcoming spaces where people feel safe and encouraged to ask questions and learn new things. Our culture encourages transparency and collaboration among team members, so we often talk about what we’re working on and how we can improve. Read this article on CrunchBase, for more information.


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