AIS Healthcare is Out to Change Lives With Innovative In-Home Care

AIS Healthcare AIS Healthcare is a leading provider of infusion care and targeted drug delivery (TDD). Dedicated to delivering prescription medications to patients across the United States, AIS Healthcare has two 503A specialty compounding pharmacies and a team of in-home nurses who administer them as an important aspect of patient care.

By partnering with healthcare providers throughout the US, we enhance quality of life for patients with a variety of medical needs. Patient engagement and coordinated care are pivotal for treatments to be successful.

Every day, our pharmacies manufacture and ship about 550 prescriptions, totaling 140,000 patient-specific prescriptions every year. Our proprietary process involves mixing terminal sterilization with aseptic processing, thereby creating a high pharmaceutical standard for manufacturing of medications.

Our nationally accredited Advanced Infusion Care (AIC) team works with physicians across the country to provide patients with intravenous (IV) and subcutaneous (SubQ) immunoglobulin therapy. This is delivered to patients in the comfort of their own homes. Each AIC patient has around-the-clock access to clinical physicians, intake managers, and infusion nurse specialists. Our team of over 100 fully certified nurses ensure that all patients and their caregivers receive self-infusion and infusion pump training and are well versed in how to handle any adverse events that might happen while providing in-home care.

We are always looking to bring new treatments to the forefront of patient care. In the spring of 2023, AIC started to offer LEQEMBI (Lecanemab-irmb). Developed by Eisai Co., Ltd., LEQEMBI opens up a significant option for Alzheimer’s patients. It has shown efficacy in treating those who present with mild cognitive impairment or an early stage of dementia. The U.S Food and Drug Administration approved intravenous usage at 100 mg/mL injection in January 2023.

AIS HealthcareWe are proud to be dually accredited by both URAC and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), as well as the Immunoglobulin National Society (IgNS). Our facilities are regularly inspected by pharmacy state and national boards, reflecting our dedication to bringing patients the utmost in in-home care.