Career Developmental Stages Achieved by Krishen Iyer

Successful businessman Krishen Iyer is a South California-based entrepreneur with extensive knowledge and experience in insurance-related fields. After completing his undergraduate degree in Public Administration and Urban Development, he began his entrepreneurship journey. He established his own insurance company, MNP Insurance, with additional names such as Name My Premium.


One of Krishen Iyer’s recent business ventures includes the MAIS Consulting firm. This company aims to provide consulting services in various business-related fields, including business marketing, strategic growth and development, business contracts, and different operating policies. As the CEO and founder of MAIS Consulting company, Krishen Iyer focuses on creating a solid work foundation that involves transparency and regular communication among working partners and employees. 


Mr. Iyer’s daily routine involves scheduled phone communication and business meetings with his clients, which takes up most of the time. Krishen Iyer’s professional relationship with his clients has led to the success of the MAIS Consulting firm. The Encinitas-based company, MAIS Consulting, focuses on providing excellent insurance services to top insurance clients across the US. With his superb leadership skills, Krishen Iyer identifies contracting and marketing strategy issues that require solutions while providing specific needs to clients to increase MAIS Consulting’s profit margin.


About Krishen Iyer


Born and raised in California, Krishen Iyer has led a successful life as an entrepreneur. He has established multiple companies in the marketing and insurance industry. His first company, MNP, appeared on the Inc 5000 list in 2015 after experiencing phenomenal successful growth. Mr. Iyer later established another company known as Managed Benefits Services, abbreviated as MBS. Currently, MBS provides licensed insurance and marketing services.