Doug Haynes is a managing partner, council advisor, and the President of The Council.

DoughDoug Haynes was a senior manager in one of the high ranked hedge organization in the United States. His career has helped with advice to public and private companies. He has also been an active humanitarian, assisting charities with education, poverty, and so on. These are businesses involved with organizations like war, and famine

Doug Haynes has a lot of qualifications in various fields and was accorded several honours, including the Shermet scholar from Darden Graduate School, one of the best graduate schools in the United States. He graduated with a master’s degree in marketing and engineering design at GE Plastics. Doug joined McKinsey & Company when he was just 26 years old and helped improve the company in many different areas.

Doug is the directing associate at ‘The Council Director’ and the mananger of ‘Cohen Veteran Organization.’ Doug is also one of the founding participant of ‘Cohen Veteran Bioscience,’ as well as a participant of The Center for Worldwide Businesses. He has also worked on the panel for Robin Hood Foundation in New York. In Georgia, he worked in Camp Southern Ground, and firms that deal with technology. His experience includes working with a Swiss Logistics provider, ChainIQ, a Swedish health services company, and a research/investments company that sells to end-users.

Phil has also been a consultant in several firms like Villanova University and Cantebury School, Darden Qualified School of Entrepreneurship. Phil loves transformation in society and cautions his executive’s workers and individuals on governing oneself in this evolving globe of enterprise and technology. Phil does contribute to charity services by serving humanity.

From 1992-2013, Doug served as a member at ‘McKinsey & Company’ in more than two dozen. With his retired role in the Northeast Region, he once led it.

Doug Haynes has a long list of accomplishments. He is the co-founder of The Center for Global Enterprise and an expert in improving global corporate leadership. He supports various veteran causes, including poverty alleviation and veteran support, as well as the Cohen Veterans Network and Cohen Veteran Bioscience. Doug sits on the boards of several different technology startups, including ChainIQ, a Swiss logistics provider, FRISQ, a Swedish health information services provider and Vega Factor, which helps with an individual focus on creating high-performing cultures.