Gino Pozzo Has Become A Leader In Sports Club Management

Can you name a family that’s more passionate about football than Gino Pozzo’s family? It would definitely be a hard task.

Gino Pozzo has come to prominence as the owner of Watford FC. This is a long running franchise that was first established in 1881. It came to prominence in the 1970s and 1980s when it was owned by the pop star Elton John. Since then, a great deal of restructuring has given it a new image.

Ever since Gino Pozzo was a young child, his family has always been extremely passionate about football. In the 1980s, his father bought a prominent football club in the town when Pozzo grew up. The club was called Udinese Calcio.

Football is not the only passion of the Pozzo Family. In the past, the family has worked in the electrical and woodwork industry. Many people are actually unaware of the family’s involvement in these industries. The family also has many years of experience handling property and finance mergers.

Although the family has other interests, the family has been intensely focused on football for the past fifteen years. The family’s unwavering commitment to football has resulted in it being a leader in sports club ownership. According to Gino Pozzo, the reason why the family is passionate about football is because they love their hometown.

If you are asking yourself why the family purchased Watford Football Club, it’s because the family is extremely focused on giving back to the community. In addition, the family also did not want to see a local sports club struggling financially.

You wouldn’t believe that in just a short amount of time, the family was able to help the club become a Champions League. This is definitely an impressive accomplishment.

Since Pozzo saw exactly how his family managed a club during his childhood, he has grown to be a true leader when it comes to sports club management. He knew from a young age that the success of the club is largely due to the family’s hand-on approach to sports club management. When the team is training, you can probably spot on of his family members. See related link to learn more.


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