How Nomad Internet is Connecting Urban and Rural America

Co-founder of Nomad Internet, Jessica Garza, has said that the great divide in the United States is the digital divide that separates urban and rural America. This being the case, she said that the Internet is a great equalizer and that’s why her company has been working hard to bridge that divide since 2017. Now with their new service, Nomad Air, this divide looks like it will shrink even further as more people in isolated areas are given easy access to wireless Internet.

Nomad Air is Revolutionary for Many

The problem with Internet access in rural areas is that there is no easy way to get it on demand. This create a variety of problems that have gone unsolved until now. With the Nomad Air self-serve kiosk, customers can quickly and easily get wireless access to the Internet. Nomad Internet’s device is simple: A person approaches the kiosk, picks a rental duration, and then pays. It’s that simple. Payment can be made to Nomad Internet via credit card or by using Apple Pay.

Picking the Right Locations

One of the goals Nomad Internet has for Nomad Air is placing the kiosks in areas that will benefit the most people. This strategy has led them to put Nomad Air kiosks in areas such as sporting goods outlets, travel centers, and RV parks. This will allow people who tend to visit or live in isolated areas to take advantage of this wilderness Internet revolution and stay connected.

This will also benefit those who love to travel or venture into areas that are known to not have phone signal connections such as state and national parks and other areas that can be considered off the grid. In the event of an emergency, they will be able to use Nomad Air to quickly contact emergency services. This will help bring a greater degree of safety for those who enjoy outdoor adventures. See this article for related information.


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