How the Colcom Foundation Makes an Impact in the Community in Which it Operates

The Colcom Foundation was founded in 1996 by Cordelia S. May. After her death in 2005 the funding was solidified further. The Foundation supports a few major concepts. They include immigration and family planning. Another major interest of the foundation is the local environment of the southwestern area of Pennsylvania. This focus area includes the conservation of key impact areas. Still within this area of interest of the Colcom Foundation is education about the conservation of the environment in their catchment area. The foundation also concerns itself with research, grassroots efforts on behalf of the environment, stewardship of the area and any legal issues that may arise.

The foundation also supports the Carnegie Museum of Natural History as well as community education and preservation projects in Pittsburgh and economic development on the foundation’s catchment area of southwestern Pennsylvania.

Colcom Foundation also sponsors projects which may be seen at a first glance to be beyond its dominant interests, but actually are integral parts of its mission. It supports the Community Kitchen Pittsburgh. This organization provides food support, culinary training, and career training for many in the community who have their avenue to employment blocked for various reasons.

In addition to all these endeavors, the foundation supports the local Red Cross in its efforts to help those impacted by disasters.

As is the case with many personal philanthropic foundations, the Colcom Foundation has strong values. These values include:

  • The concept that every human being has equal value and deserves equal dignity and respect
  • In the market place of ideas, there needs to be viewpoint diversity
  • Every individual deserves equal opportunity
  • Open conversation is powerful as is freedom of speech
  • The pursuit of liberty and justice for all and the American Cream

The Colcom Foundation’s efforts with the environment in the southwestern area of Pennsylvania is making a big difference in conservation and preservation. See this article for more information.


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