How the Colcom Foundation Protects the Environment

The Colcom Foundation realizes that people don’t think that protecting the environment is important because the effects of environmental degradation don’t happen overnight. It is a slow and silent problem that’s hard to notice on a short time scale, but by the time it is a problem, it’s already too late. This is one of the truths that Cordelia S. May, the founder of Colcom, realized when she was a young woman and led her to spend her life pushing back against environmental destruction and overpopulation. By focusing her efforts on addressing these problems, she hopes to preserve a bright and beautiful future for humanity.

Protecting Pennsylvania

Many of the environmental protection efforts of the Colcom Foundation take place in southwestern Pennsylvania. There they work with various other organizations such as the Environmental Integrity Project, Protect PT, and the National Aviary to limit industrial expansion and protect the wilds from pollution. Two of their biggest adversaries are the fossil fuel industry and railroad companies. Despite this uphill battle, Colcom, and their associates are committed to conservation projects that will have a lasting impact.

Overpopulation and the Environment

Aside from the fact that the Earth can only support a limited number of people, there is also the problem that overpopulation has a negative effect on the environment. Specifically, overpopulation in an area tends to lead to clean water degradation and large-scale farming expansion These issues affect both urban and suburban populations.

To address problems such as these, the Colcom Foundation is working to educate people around the world on family planning. This will lead to fewer unwanted births and unwanted children. They also want to help shrink the United States population by 2040 by advocating for better immigration policies and focusing on balancing out the age demographic so that there are fewer older people compared to younger people.

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