IM Academy

IM Academy provides an online platform that teaches traders essential Forex Trading skills through live interactive courses and a library of free content. These courses cover all Forex trading aspects, including trading basics, technical analysis techniques, strategy development, market research, and risk management strategies. The company also provides mobile apps to complement live sessions and real-time data feeds.

In 2013, IM was founded by independent entrepreneurs and Forex experts Christopher Terry and Isis de la Torre. They aim to provide an easy-to-use Forex education platform that offers easy access to affordable, interactive training. It would empower Forex traders to develop skills using interactive lessons and practice tests. They aim to make their courses available to everyone worldwide, helping to empower millions of people around the globe.

In 2014, the company was incorporated in Malta to comply with European Union laws.

Later that year, IM Academy registered an entity in Switzerland to further assist with compliance-related matters. A similar entity was also registered in Hong Kong. These entities were established to comply with applicable laws and regulations. IM Academy’s global Headquarters remains in New York City, where IM is still a legally registered corporation.

IM Academy is an international school with campuses across Europe and North America. As a team, we pride ourselves on operating efficiently and effectively despite the current challenges caused by Covid-19. We maintain our headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, yet all locations operate independently. Our remote workforce allows us to remain flexible and productive and continue providing excellent service to our students.

The IM Academy’s core product is a modular learning platform called academies. There are currently 16 different academies available – each consisting of 4 modules of instructional material designed to help you master various aspects of the IM.Academia program. These academies have been designed specifically for new members and those looking to make incremental improvements to their current level of IM knowledge. Each academy includes 2 months of free access to the GoLive course library and weekly webinars designed to keep learners engaged and motivated throughout their membership.

The free Forex education videos are designed to give students a general overview of the basics of foreign exchange trading without requiring them to leave their homes. Students can interact with Forex educators via web conferencing software GoLive. These sessions offer students a chance to ask questions and get instant answers from instructors around the globe. All of the courses are available in 13 languages. Read this article for additional information.


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