Jason Hope: A Tech Whiz

Jason Hope, a tech genius, is known for his spot-on predictions about future gadgets, he hails from Phoenix; he earned an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. He is an enthusiastic investor, and he loves giving back.


Jason Hope’s Vision of the Internet of Things (IoT)


The use of the Internet of Things has increased significantly in recent years. Jason saw the potential of IoT long before others. With IoT, life gets simpler. Your home devices can communicate and control them from your comfy hair. IoT is evolving, and soon, it will help keep us healthy, making us live longer. Jason is all in for that!


Jason’s Fascinating Take on Future Tech


Jason Hope´s foresight about future tech is awesome. Mostly, he is fascinated by two topics, that is, IoT and SENS Foundation (Medium).

Reaching Out: Jason Hope

Jason Hope’s Dedication to SENS and Anti-Aging Research


In 2010, Jason made headlines with a generous donation to the SENS Research Foundation. They are doing thorough research to stop aging and age-related illness using cutting-edge technology. Jason Hope  passionately continues to support them up to date with the research.


SENS and IoT: Jason’s Duo for the Future

For Jason Hope, SENS and IoT are shaping a brighter and healthier future. He is not just a tech whiz; he is the guy making tomorrow cooler and longer-lasting for all of us!