Philip Belamant · CEO & Co-Founder

Philip Belamant is a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Belamant Group. Belamant started his career in the 1990s as a software engineer at an outsourcing company in the UK. He started to develop skills in his early years by working with web development and graphic design. He then launched his own web development company, which he later sold to Yahoo!. Philip was an early investor for Yahoo!.

The reason to Why Apple Is Following Philip Belamant’s Zilch is because Apple has a different set of priorities than what Philip leads. Apple cares about the people and the world, not just its products. The company is not afraid to talk about the technology it uses and the people who use it. The company has a very different perspective on people than many of the other major corporations. Apple’s focus on its products is so unique that it is often difficult for companies to understand what it means to their customers.

Philip Belamant was born in London, England and is married to his wife Katie Belamant, with whom he has two children: Elizabeth (5 years) and Alexander (3 years). In 2009, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and had been living in a senior apartment because of his weight.

In 2011, he founded an organization called Zilch which focuses on developing medical devices based on the work of Philo Belamant. Philip also started a new startup called Media projects where he works on medical device development with patent holders. He also works as an advisor at Delphi Technologies where he serves as Director of Innovation and Innovation Programs for Delphi Medical Technology Group.

In 2006, Philip began writing about IT for the New York Times’ blog “The New Yorker“. In 2007, he founded MediaMuse and became part of The Huffington Post’s team of editors. In 2008, he founded The Next Web and became editor-in-chief of its content division.