Philip Belamant is the inventor and CEO of Zilch, a platform that works based on buy now and pay later and makes purchases and payments simpler and easier in so many ways. The platform is accessible to more than two million people. Before launching Zilch, Philip Belamant also created other financial tools fueled by technology. These tools improved well-being and mobility in several populations that had been overlooked in South Africa. His initial online payment technologies made a difference in the daily lives of millions of remote consumers who now could pay their bills; electricity, water, goods, and mobile phones with just a virtual card. Throughout his life, Philip Belamant has dedicated his life and career to empowering populations that are still unbanked by the use of phone-based payment systems that are revolutionary.

Philip Belamant pursued his IT course at Johannesburg University. Byte the time he was graduating, Philip already had the entrepreneurial skills he would conceptualize into technologies and begin working on his future ventures. He had always observed how successful his dad was in the technological industry. At a young age, he was intrigued by artificial intelligence and how mobile technologies worked. In the Microsoft project Firefly competition, Philip got recognized as the winner of the project. His very first business venture was PBel which developed to have more than six million users who, in return, produced more than $100 million in run rates.

In 2009, Philip Belamant set in motion Manje, which meant now, that served clients directly. Even though several banks and companies didn’t look out for their clients, Philip ensured his brand made clients feel that their interests were highly considered and taken care of. With time the brand began growing tremendously, and just by word of mouth between its clients, several people started borrowing airtime from them and selling it to clients through their mobile phones. Man became a door opener for many great opportunities for several individuals who desired to start their businesses.

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