Qnet And Its Achievements

QNet is one of the few social networks that have been able to promote their business without fear of censorship.

It might have disappeared altogether if it wasn’t for QNet’s highly effective marketing campaign. The company has millions of members and a robust business model that offers visitors an opportunity to exchange goods and services with other community members.

The secret to its success lies in its original model, which relies on referrals instead of advertising and marketing.

QNet members have established a solid social network to promote their business, with millions of active members worldwide.

QNET has accomplished this through a comprehensive marketing strategy based on the principle of selling its products and services to people who already know about them. As a result, it is one of the few companies in the world that’s successfully capitalized on this model and built their business from scratch to one that generates million-dollar sales every year.

To access the network, a member must first open a free account on the website. After this, an electronic invitation is sent to the member’s email address. The next step is for the member to validate their email address and confirm that they are participating voluntarily in the program. Once this is done, members can see whether or not other members have opened a free account on it. Members are not required to open an account by exchanging anything.

Members can undertake various actions within the social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), such as browsing the products and services offered, exchanging goods and services with other members, and participating in discussions regarding its products and services. The more active members are with it, the more potential customers they can attract.

Most members earn commissions for products or services they sell to new members. They also earn commissions for sales of products and services generated by their referrals. This is referred to as the “3-up” commission plan. The more people a member relates to, the more potential customers they will be able to attract.

All transactions are handled online. Members must ensure they have enough funds in their accounts before making any purchases from other members of the network. To ensure that a member can make purchases, their account will be frozen if it falls below a certain amount of funds.

For a member to redeem their commissions, they must request their account balances to be summed up. A certificate of authenticity is then issued, which can be saved through purchasing products and services offered by QNet or through the redemption of cash gifts. See this page for additional information.


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