Ryan is the Chief Executive Office of London’s Premier Hospitality Innovators at the Cream Group

Ryan is the Chief Executive Office of London’s premier hospitality innovators at the Cream Group. Bishti has been using the social media platforms like Instagram to advertise his venues and locations. These platforms are electronic billboards for Ryan Bishti. It is through the exceptional client experience that has been making the customers for The Cream Group to turn into marketers on social media platforms. Most people might not understand the art of a restaurateur in turning customers into marketers, especially by making them share their locations or even a plate of food. But, for Ryan Bishti, it has been easy in different ways.

First, Ryan cracked the code that in as much as other ways to use social media platforms for business advertisement, it becomes easier to get a customer through another customer. By understanding this, Ryan Bishti has continued to encourage or entice the customers to share their location or the food they enjoy at The Cream Group. Bishti has been very flexible and easily adapted to the changes in technology as it is required for him to continue with the marketing strategy. Taking a selfie is the second way of making the customers become marketers used by Ryan Bishti. All moments that are Instagram-worthy are captioned, and as any other person would, the customers will end up uploading on Instagram and other platforms, the marketing strategy!

Customer satisfaction is also a priority to Ryan Bishti when handling customers. In the hospitality industry, Ryan seeks to ensure that the customers’ expectations are met, which is easy for him since he is a hospitality innovator. Bishti also works to ensure that in all his events, all the moments will be Instagram-worthy, making the clients capture them. The best customer experiences will make them continue marketing even without knowing they are marketing.

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