Sports Illustrated CEO Levinsohn Revamps the Website Monetization Plan

Ross Levinsohn During most of the last century, print magazines were pulling their income from subscriptions and ad revenue. However, after the turn of the century, the rise of the internet’s popularity was mandating a shift. Specifically, even top brands like Sports Illustrated saw their established print revenue decline as readers increasingly turned their focus on online content. Sports Illustrated is just one of many media brands that developed a great website that was supported by thoughtful monetization efforts. Despite this, the website’s monetization strategy did not sufficiently account for the decline in print revenue. Something needed to be done, and the Sports Illustrated CEO drew on his extensive industry knowledge to come up with a smart solution.

His vast wealth of knowledge and experience was on full display while he worked at Maven Media. He served as CEO for this digital services provider up until he took on the role at Sports Illustrated, and he worked on monetization strategies for more than 300 well-known media brands during that time. One of his many successes in that position involved updating The Street with Jim Cramer’s monetization plan. Cryptocurrencies were receiving increased publicity, and this brand’s consumers wanted to find a reliable source for quality content on this topic. Levinsohn was spurred into action to take advantage of this opportunity. The brand’s new content line was moved behind a newly-constructed paywall to boost profits.

Once Levinsohn took on the position of Sports Illustrated CEO, he started developing a high-level paywall that could produce more digital revenue for the brand. Unlike his move at The Street with Jim Cramer which involved creating more content, Levinsohn’s paywall at Sports Illustrated was based on early-release content from the brand’s current line.

Fox Sports, CBS Sportsline and Whisper Advisors are only a few of the many other companies that Levinsohn has been impactful with as a core executive leader. Look for Levinsohn to continue being a key player in the industry going forward.