Transformation of Roosevelt Island’s by Akeem Jamal and the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

Roosevelt Island, a two-mile strip of land in the East River between Manhattan and Queens, has undergone a transformation in recent years thanks to the efforts of Akeem Jamal and the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC).

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) is a public benefit corporation established by the State of New York in 1984 to manage and operate Roosevelt Island. RIOC’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for the island’s residents, businesses, and visitors by providing essential services and promoting economic, cultural, and social development. RIOC is responsible for the maintenance of the island’s infrastructure, including its parks, transportation systems, and utilities.

Jamal is the Chief Operating Officer of RIOC and has been instrumental in driving the island’s development. He is a seasoned executive with over a decade of experience in public administration, management consulting, and strategy. He has worked for various public sector organizations, including the City of New York and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Under Jamal’s leadership, RIOC has launched several initiatives to improve the island’s infrastructure, transportation, and public spaces. In 2021, RIOC announced the completion of a significant project to upgrade the Motorgate Garage, which now includes electric vehicle charging stations. This project was part of RIOC’s commitment to sustainability and reducing the island’s carbon footprint.

RIOC has also significantly improved the island’s transportation system, including implementing a new ferry service and the modernization of the tramway. These improvements have made it easier for residents and visitors to access the island and have contributed to its economic growth.

In addition to infrastructure improvements, RIOC has also focused on creating new public spaces on the island. RIOC unveiled a new park on the southern tip of the island, offering stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. This park was designed to be a gathering place for the island’s residents and visitors and has quickly become a popular destination.

RIOC has also been proactive in supporting small businesses on the island. In the future, Akeem Jamal plans to open a new facility for pickleball, which has been growing in popularity nationwide. This facility will provide a new recreational opportunity for the island’s residents and visitors and will also support the local economy.