Understanding Advanzia Bank’s MasterCard Gold Services

Advanzia BankFounded in 2005, Advanzia Bank is an online direct bank offering credit card services to private customers, financial institutions, and companies. It has its headquarters in Luxembourg but serves clients globally, making it one of the biggest European credit card providers.

Private customers can use their fee-free MasterCard Gold credit card, offering more flexibility than other credit cards in the market. There are over 2 million ATMs and 35 million acceptance points where private clients can use the credit card.

The card includes travel insurance, up to seven weeks of interest-free payment terms, and zero annual, cash, and foreign transaction fees. They also have a money market account that offers lucrative interest rates and allows clients to access their assets daily. Like the credit card, it is 100% fee-free and offers 2.2% interest from the first Euro client deposit, that does not reduce for larger deposits.

Private customers, however, incur an interest rate when they withdraw at cash machines or counters. They have a price list that clients can check for how much interest they will get charged. There is also a currency conversion fee and an ECB reference rate when clients use MasterCard Gold for foreign payments.

They started offering custom credit card solutions to companies in 2008. They create tailor-made products focused on every brand’s marketing goals to improve customer and brand loyalty. Businesses partnering with them generate more revenue by selling their MasterCard Gold customer card.

These customer cards offer numerous benefits to partners working with Advanzia Bank. They get zero Euros annual fees, zero Euro cash withdrawal fees globally, product-related benefits, bonuses, and discounts, extensive insurance packages, and interest-free payment terms for several weeks.

They also partner with financial institutions and private banks, offering their expertise instead of the institutions running in-house credit programs. They offer the required MasterCard and Visa licenses, credit card services, and products the institutions need to operate the credit cards. They also assign experts to help their partners, whether they are changing from an old credit card program or establishing a new one.

Advanzia BankThey offer numerous personalized credit cards that are either co-branded or white-labeled. They also have interactive tools for efficient application processes, credit card management platforms for staff, monitoring and reporting tools, plus end-to-end shipping and personalization processing from one source.

Advanzia Bank offers 24/7 multilingual customer support for cardholders and partner financial institutions for effective and open communication.