Aida Morales

Aida Morales is a prominent figure in the Roosevelt Island community. She currently serves as the Chief of Staff for the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), a public benefit corporation that manages and operates the island. Morales has been a dedicated public servant for over a decade and has made many contributions to the community.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation was created in 1984 to manage the island’s development, operation, and maintenance. The corporation oversees various services and facilities, including parks, public transportation, and community events. In recent years, RIOC has undergone significant changes under Morales’ leadership. The corporation has renovated the historic Blackwell House, a landmark building on the island, and established a rapid coronavirus testing center to help combat the pandemic.

Morales has a strong background in public service and has worked for various government agencies throughout her career. Before joining RIOC, she served as the Chief of Staff for the New York City Council’s Finance Division. She has also worked for the New York City Housing Authority and the New York City Department of Transportation.

In addition to her work at RIOC, Morales is actively involved in the community. She has served as a board member for the Roosevelt Island Residents Association and is a member of the Manhattan Community Board 8. Morales is committed to positively impacting the community and has been recognized for her outstanding service.

In conclusion, Aida Morales is a key figure in the Roosevelt Island community, and her leadership has been instrumental in the development and growth of the island. The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, under her guidance, has made significant strides in providing essential services to the island’s residents. Morales’ dedication to public service and her commitment to the community make her a highly respected leader in the New York City area.

Under the leadership of President and CEO Shelton Haynes, RIOC has undergone several important developments in recent years. One such development is the completion of the Riverwalk neighborhood, a mixed-use residential and commercial area located along the island’s waterfront. Haynes worked closely with developers to finalize the project, which has been a significant addition to the island’s real estate market.