Alliance Defending Freedom Works Hard to Protect Your Rights

Since 1994, the Alliance Defending Freedom has worked hard to protect the rights that are enshrined in the United States’s Constitution. The organization was launched by committed Christians who were concerned about the direction that the country was heading. Even though the group was started by Christians, it is dedicated to protecting everyone’s freedom to practice religion without interference from the state or government officials.

Religious Freedom

The right to practice your own religion is one of the cornerstones upon which the United States was founded, and the Alliance Defending Freedom is dedicated to ensuring that everyone can enjoy that right. The group works on multiple levels to ensure that this fundamental right is protected. They do this in several ways. One of the most important ways that the organization works to ensure religious freedom is through the courts. In the Supreme Court case that involved the Masterpiece Cake Shop, the group fought hard to ensure that the government couldn’t force someone to act against their religious beliefs. Everyone has some type of moral code, and it’s important that this is respected.

Sanctity of Life

Human life is precious, which is why the Alliance Defending Freedom believes that it should be protected. As such, the organization routinely works with the courts and legislatures to ensure that even unborn children without voices will be heard.

Free Speech

The right to speak freely and present your own opinions is another of America’s hallmark freedoms, one that has made the nation great. We’ve worked with a number of campus organizations to ensure that students can participate in faith-oriented groups. We’ve secured more than 400 victories in the courts. We believe that college campuses are under attack by the left, which is why we focus on helping students protect their right to free speech. See this page for more information.


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