It is the world’s first peer-to-peer fitness marketplace built around the sport of powerlifting. It has been created to empower, inspire & bring a community to all those who wish to attain personal success in the gym. Academies are created around the world, offering people access to their coaches. These coaches will serve as the only person with access to the athlete and their scheduling and personal inventory of exercises, equipment and how and when to execute best the movements powered by blockchain technology.

Matthew Mansell is the founder of Athlo. He spent approximately ten years travelling the world, sharing his passion for powerlifting & strength training. Matthew Mansell agreed to this, believing he could assist the coach with specialized training for the other athletes to help them realize their goals of reaching new records.

  1. About Athlo

Athlo allows users to rent equipment like barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, pods, home gyms and commercial gym equipment for a monthly fee. It will have everything you need for the workout, be it a person, family members, friends or hire a private personal gym.

  1. Growth Predicted for Global Fitness Industry

With an ever-increasing population and stagnant increase in income, there is a growth rate that seems unstoppable. The next fitness unicorn is an opportunity for companies to provide an affordable and accessible fitness market.

Matthew Mansell is changing the fitness industry by bringing the tech industry nationwide. Personal access is all they need as they no longer need to trust a corporate fitness organization, which would eventually take all the profits.

As the global economy continues to grow along with the population, there is an increase in the need for convenience that benefits not only the users but the gym companies. This will be the next big industry that will change the competitive fitness industry. The athlete will be able to have their ultimate workout experience.

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