Health Carousel Leverages Tech.

Health Carousel, a non-profit organization, is leveraging modern tech to make health benefits more accessible.

More than half of the American population have no idea what a deductible is, and 21% don’t know what copays are. Health Carousel’s goal is to disseminate information about health care in an easy and concise way through educational infographics and interactive quizzes on their site. In addition they offer free consultations that help educate people on how to navigate the confusing world of insurance paperwork. They also provide resources for people with chronic illnesses that frequently need expensive treatments such as high blood pressure or asthma inhalers.

According to founder Chiraag Patel, “A large portion of our population lacks the health literacy needed to navigate the U.S. healthcare system, making it difficult for them to choose a plan that best meets their needs and creating barriers for helping more people get access to quality healthcare.”

Health Carousel is based in San Francisco and was founded in 2012 by Chiraag Patel. The site is still in development but has hosted several events including a Google Hangout with talk show host Rachael Ray, who used Health Carousel’s services when picking her plan during a recent open enrollment period.

In October 2013 Health Carousel was selected as a winner of California Capital Guardian’s Best Non-profit Organization award.

In 2014 the site was selected as a finalist in the San Francisco Business Times Fast Pitch Competition.

Health Carousel goal is to make insurance information more accessible. They offer an interactive quiz that helps people decide what health plan they should choose, and they also offer a blog where the community can ask questions about their health and access information on staying healthy. The blogs are personally answered by experts in the field, including doctors and insurance experts. The site has been featured in several publications including Inc Magazine, Salon Magazine, The Huffington Post and Time Magazine.

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