IM Academy: Digital Currency Education Available Online

IM Academy is an online digital forex education. This company offers educational videos and tutorials to teach students the skills needed to be successful in their trade – the Forex market. The academy has video lessons made by professionals in the world of currency trading. The videos offer exclusive tips and tricks that include strategies for digital trading assets and valuable information about the latest trends in digital currency.

IM Academy Products

IM Academy has four distinct training programs on its website that can easily be accessed via a referral by a customer or an IBO.

The academy consists of four training programs:

  1. FRX Academy

This IM Academy is a beginner’s program that introduces students to the world of foreign currency exchange. This program starts with the forex market basics and then takes the student through setting up a trading account and putting it to use. The academy contains 76 video modules that explain essential subjects.

  1. HFX Academy

This is a more advanced forex education program that helps students to understand high-frequency exchange better. The academy has 95 videos detailing the basics and advanced subjects. Students who enroll will gain a better knowledge of the strategies and tactics of the high-frequency exchange market.

  1. DCX Academy

This training program helps students to gain more knowledge about digital currency and its trading mechanisms. The academy has a total of 25 videos that provide the following:

  • An introduction to digital currency.
  • Various types of digital currencies.
  • Trading strategies.
  1. ECX Academy

This program concentrates on e-commerce trading. Students gain skills on how to create an online business, as well as how to optimize and manage a business that is based on e-commerce.

The Elite Academy

The Elite Academy is an offer package giving a bargain on all four of IM’s academies. This special package furnishes a 54% reduction on the first subscription and a 48% cut back on the monthly subscription when measured against shopping for each of the academies. You can sign up for the Elite academy as a one-time expense or a recurring payment.

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