“Kelcy Warren: Energy Titan Behind America’s Pipeline Dream”

Kelcy Warren, the co-founder of Energy Transfer Partners, has
carved out a formidable place for himself in the world of energy. His company,
which began as a small intrastate natural gas pipeline operator, now stands as
a giant in the energy sector. 

Warren’s leadership and strategic foresight have been instrumental in the growth and expansion of
Energy Transfer Partners. Born in Texas, Warren co-founded the company with Ray
Davis in 1996. Over the years, Warren has steered the organization towards acquiring
critical energy assets, transforming it into a major player in the global energy market. 

The company’s portfolio is impressive. Energy Transfer Partners operates nearly 125,000 miles
of pipeline, transporting about a third of U.S. natural gas and crude oil. It’s
worth noting that the company has a significant influence on global oil supply,
handling almost 5% of it. 

Kelcy Warren’s innovative approach to business has earned him a reputation as a
stalwart in the industry. His ability to identify opportunities and adapt
quickly to industry trends has played a crucial role in the company’s growth. 

For instance, when shale gas began waning post the 2008-09 downturn, instead of panicking, Warren
led his team towards a transformative series of acquisitions. This move ensured
the company’s sustainability and continued growth despite the industry’s fluctuations. 

In addition to his business acumen, Kelcy Warren is known for his hands-on approach and personal
commitment. He is often found at the heart of strategic discussions,
brainstorming with his team on new business ideas and market trends. 

Kelcy Warren’s journey in the energy sector is a testament to his agility, ingenuity, and
resilience. Navigating an industry that is as volatile as it is complex, Warren
has successfully built a company that delivers value to both the economy and
its shareholders. 

In the face of changing industry dynamics, and escalating demands for cleaner energy, Warren’s
leadership will undoubtedly continue to be pivotal. His ability to adapt,
innovate and drive growth within the energy sector makes him a figure to watch.
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