Krishen Iyer at the Technology Association of Georgia

Krishen Iyer’s MAIS Consulting recently secured financing for a new venture; he is an experienced and highly respected consultant in the voice technology industry who has led companies through significant product launches. He specializes in customer acquisition, design, business development, and implementation of solutions across multiple platforms. Krishen is an expert in designing strategies and messaging that resonates with customers and investors.

Krishen Iyer´s Specialties

  1. Business Strategy


The firm MAIS Consulting’s new venture intends to provide a “multi-touch” solution that will allow users to react and respond to multi-channel marketing messages from anywhere, on any device. Led by Krishen Iyer, MAIS Connect is a cloud-based software solution that helps marketers to engage consumers at various touch points of the customer journey. 


The online solution creates a unified communication channel for brand advocates, customers, and customers of partner companies in an integrated digital extension of the organization.


  1. Customer Acquisition 


Krishen Iyer explains that customer acquisition is a crucial challenge for companies in the competitive digital marketing landscape. MAIS Consulting has implemented an aggressive customer referral program to attract customers to their service, rewarding customers who refer other customers. Customers can participate in this program through their Twitter account, where they will be eligible for cash rewards for each customer referred.


  1. Krishen Iyer: Giving Back


Krishen Iyer, CEO of MAIS Consulting, is an active member of his community. He has served on the board of directors for the Technology Association of Georgia, Atlanta Chapter. He has been actively involved with one of our nation’s largest non-profits, Hope Anchor. He sits on their board and is an advisor to their executive team; Krishen Iyer has played a vital role in MAIS Consulting’s growth. He has used his years of experience and leadership to help guide the company to its milestone achievement.