Launch House

Launch House is a community built to connect and support entrepreneurs and creators. It offers workshops and events and several one-off opportunities to learn from some of the most potent leaders in each space.

The firm has invested in companies such as Coinbooks, Ghost Financial, and Anja Health. The platform will give founders the funding they need to build their businesses.

The community has five core values: freedom, authenticity, abundance, joy, and redemption. Launch House’s primary goal is to allow everyone to attend a Launch House event and share in our community.

The events are full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion, which allows newcomers to feel accepted and valued. A creative community is key to building a better future for society.

Many businesses in the creative field need more resources or resources for their own business. Launch House provides entrepreneurs with a community filled with resources and mentors. It’s a place where customers can get direct services from local creatives; entrepreneurs can attend free networking events while learning from successful universities and colleges in Canada, and accessing business tools such as websites, social media platforms, and landing pages.

Launch House primary purpose is to support, encourage and empower the entrepreneurs and creators of the community. Our mission is to bring everyone together. It helps people in their journey and shows them that they can achieve anything with nothing but vision and passion.

The community doesn’t just talk about impacts; it implements them daily. The community puts its heart instead into all it does, with a drive to build something better for all. The community is constantly growing, welcoming individuals of all ages, races, and backgrounds. This new, diverse community is how we can improve the world through creatives and entrepreneurs.

We are proud to reinvent the idea of a local business to give everyone an equal chance to succeed. It’s the first social enterprise and not-for-profit co-working space designed for creative entrepreneurs and creators. The mission is to support, encourage and empower the creators of any field. Visit this page for more information.


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