Margie Hauser Ultimate Prize

Margie Hauser is a music industry old hand with a bevy of experience in the radio business, corporate strategy, and as an artist herself. She understands how important it is for aspiring artists to get their big break and what that means. She became an associate member of the (NARAS), which administers the Grammy Awards for excellence in music recordings. This offer to join that organization led her to the GRAMMY Awards nominations for her work in the industry. Margie is a third-generation music industry veteran who worked with various artists on collaborations from several music genres. She has experience as both a client and an agent, which has given her access to the recording process, which she loves. Her euphonious voice and her writing skills helped her become a household name.

Today, she has her own company that deals with industry strategies. She is humble about the fact that she is joining the ranks of legendary music icons and recording artists who have entered her beloved industry. Being nominated for an award was a dream come true.

Margie Hauser was thrilled to get this opportunity to be a part of NARAS, the largest organization that includes all elements of music. She used her experience to help many future artists get to where they wanted; she called them exposure on radio stations, and she worked hard to bring them into being successful. She also developed a program that could help everyone in the industry create more opportunities within music. Margie is interested in converting songs into commercials that can be heard on television or radio.

It is impressive to see somebody work hard their whole life and finally get something they have worked so hard for. Margie Hauser has devoted much of her time to the music industry and loves it.

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