Raffaele Riva is the Best Asset Management Plug

Raffaele Riva is a financial management expert and a renowned businessman with a series of successful dealings in Asset management. He is the CEO and the founder of AUREA, an asset management company he founded in 2008. With his extensive knowledge and expertise financial and asset management, Riva has assisted high-profiles in undertaking various business deals that he has all done bona fide. He has gained experience from his years of hard work and honesty, making him a resourceful individual for any financial or asset management deals.

Raffaele Riva has collaborated with various international agents in sealing deals for his clients, enabling him to have a genuine and active connection with tax attorneys, asset managers, insurance, and banks, which makes him handle business deals efficiently and professionally. He has honed international business, financial advisory, and management skills from working on various multinational companies’ audit reports and holding executive leadership roles in these companies.

Raffaele Riva pursued auditing and accounting as his majors in university and graduated with a degree from the Catholic University of Sacred Heart. After finishing his undergraduate and graduate studies, Raffaele Riva immersed himself in the business world, where he started making progressive strides by working for renowned companies. He prides himself on being the principal agent and advisor in the recent transaction and sale of CASALS to Vortice S.P.A. This sale was one of a hundred other successful sales he has worked as an agent.

AUREA is a financial management company that is dedicated to providing customized services to different high-net-worth clients. They provide many services such as estate planning, audits, asset management, wealth management, mergers, corporate finance, etc. The company aims at providing value and continually looks for better ways to serve every client. The company handles all high-net-worth investors who require an active and genuine company that cannot swindle their wealth. Refer to this article for additional information.


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