Randy Douthit and the Small Screen

Randy Douthit The news is something that the majority of us watch, at the very least, in passing. The news has grown and evolved over the past few decades and is now an integral part of our day to day lives. Randy Douthit is a part of the small screen news and has been for years. His outlook is hopeful when it comes to the ever evolving pace and type of news that we consume every day.

Randy Started out as a small time part of the news when he was just 23 years old. He was hired by an Oregon TV station where he was the fill-in on the local morning show. Since then, Douthit ended up on shows like Seattle Today, different news and entertainment shows, and eventually, CNN. While with CNN, he was able to be part of Crossfire and Larry King Live as a producer and director.

He has since moved on and was part of popular shows like Judge Judy, Judy Justice and more. As a whole, Douthit believes that facts are less important in the news than they once were, and they are now more focused on providing entertaining shows that captivate the audience and keep them entertained.

Where we were once lead by facts and statistics, there are now tabloids that peddle stories that have little more evidence than a questionable source, and we as a people accept it. Tabloid tv is now more popular than ever and is standard practice for those that want something that they can watch and something that they can be thoroughly entertained by.

Randy Douthit Douthit believes that it is now more important to entertain than anything else. As a result, he thinks that we should focus more on how interesting the shows are overall. Douthit has long been part of the television world and he will likely continue to be for years to come. His prowess, knowledge and dedication have made him a powerhouse to contend with.

It is the belief of Randy Douthit that the small screen is going to live on and that progress from this point on is going to be positive.