Academy of Art University’s Long History of Design Degrees

Academy of Art University has a long history of giving students the tools for creative expression. The Interactive and User-Centered Design program integrates computer science with art design, focusing on how digital media uses color and imagery to impact viewers. Academy of Art University gives its students the tools to create successful products, and the Interactive and User-Centered Design program is one of those tools that helps students put their ideas into action.

User Experience

User experience is the art of bringing a product to life by making it simple, fun, and easy to use for users. Successful user experience design helps create an interactive effect that attracts, engages, and retains users. The concept involves planning for any software or hardware you can use in conjunction with the product; during this planning, the focus is placed on the functionality of the user interface.

User Interface Design

User interface design encompasses how a product is presented to a user and how interaction with the product is received. It includes websites, mobile apps, computer programs, electronic devices, and any other product that involves interaction between a user and an application. User interface designers consider how people will use these products and troubleshoot any issues present in the experience.

Visual Design

Visual designers use their artistic knowledge and skills to create visually appealing graphics and layouts. These artists use a variety of skills, including typography, color theory, illustration, and photography. Visual design is a crucial part of every interaction, user-centered or not.

Software Development

With technology becoming more advanced and complicated, software developers are responsible for creating applications that allow users to access, manipulate and enhance the system for which they are intended. It entailed planning the functionality available in the program and developing it into a tangible form for users. Software developers create everything from phone applications to video games.

The Interactive and User-Centered Design program at the Academy of Art University takes all these concepts. It puts them into one cohesive degree that blends art and technology to teach students how to develop innovative products. This degree is more than merely designing a product, but also includes technical and business skills that students can use to create their ideas.

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