CEO Yanni Hufnagel is Changing How People Drink Water

Y LemonYanni Hufnagel is a serial water entrepreneur and Lemon Perfect water bottle inventor. He spent several years developing a sustainable, healthy, and environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. Unlike other filtered bottles, the Lemon Perfect bottle can replace water from the tap, reducing plastic waste by 80%. Every year, billions of plastic bottles are discarded. Hufnagel hopes to see the Lemon Perfect bottle in every U.S. home, eliminating this waste in a sustainable way that’s good for the environment and a healthier alternative to regular bottled water.

  1. ‘Magic Inside the Bottle.’

Hufnagel used a patent-pending patented process filled with real lemons and oranges to create the Lemon Perfect bottle. The result is a clean, natural-tasting drink directly from glass to mouth. When filled with water, the lemon-filled bottle releases the same amount of juice as regular bottled water. The lemon flavoring is added after the water leaves the tap. The difference in taste is amazing! A simple squeeze of the lemon makes it taste like a freshly squeezed glass of pure water. Just close the bottle and shake it for a few seconds for freshwater with a hint of lemon. The Lemon Perfect bottle does not use filters or purification chemicals. Instead, it flavors freshly squeezed fruit and adds vitamins to your water.

  1. Yanni Hufnagel Insisted on an Affordable Beverage

Hufnagel wanted to create an affordable, sustainable, and healthy bottle. He created the Lemon Perfect bottle based on his experiences with water filtration brands such as Brita. He didn’t want to spend much money when others made bottled water at extremely low prices. Yanni wanted to make an easy and cheap lemon-infused water bottle affordable for all ages.

  1. The Health Benefits of the Lemon Perfect Bottle

Yanni Aside from the obvious benefits of a healthier and more affordable alternative to bottled water, Yanni Hufnagel wanted to create a bottle with real health benefits. The lemon juice inside the bottle is natural and has no artificial ingredients or preservatives. His objective was to reduce the amount of plastic waste and create a healthier option for people ready to buy large amounts of bottled water.