Shelton Haynes: Spearheading Progress and Development on Roosevelt Island.

Shelton Haynes, President and CEO of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), has overseen a spectacular turnaround on Roosevelt Island, tucked between Queens and Manhattan. Haynes has been instrumental in reviving an underappreciated area of New York City, with a passion for community development and a great emphasis on inclusivity and public safety.

The RIOC has accomplished key milestones under Haynes’ leadership, establishing Roosevelt Island as a flourishing and active community. The construction of the Riverwalk community, a groundbreaking development project that seamlessly combines living, shopping, and entertainment areas, is one noteworthy accomplishment. This accomplishment gave Roosevelt Island inhabitants a contemporary and welcoming living space and drew investors and developers, promoting economic development and employment prospects.

Haynes’ dedication to the community’s well-being goes beyond just the physical setup. He has highlighted the significance of diversity, equality, and inclusion in all facets of Roosevelt Island’s activities. This commitment has produced a public safety division that has the welfare of all people as a top priority. Haynes has put in a lot of effort to increase confidence between the community and police enforcement, making the area a safe place for everyone.

Haynes presented a monument on Roosevelt Island to recognize its history and the people who helped it flourish after realizing the importance of conserving history. This program exemplifies the island’s history and demonstrates Haynes’ dedication to recognizing and appreciating the many stories that contribute to Roosevelt Island’s unique personality.

Haynes has received praise for his vision and leadership. He received the Rehabilitation Award from the Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts in 2023 in recognition of his dedication to conserving and rehabilitating the historic buildings on Roosevelt Island. His selection to several prestigious posts has also resulted from his commitment to excellence and community welfare, further reinforcing his presence and influence.

Roosevelt Island is now a vibrant and welcoming community because of Shelton Haynes’ outstanding accomplishments as CEO of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. Haynes has created a legacy of development and wealth via his dedication to growth, public safety, and cultural preservation. Roosevelt Island is a brilliant example of successful urban management and a tribute to Haynes’ aspiration for a bright and inclusive future as it continues to flourish under his leadership.