Summary on AIS Healthcare

Randy DouthitAIS Healthcare markets itself as a healthcare company/provider that goes above and beyond for its patients and customers. The company is all about improving lives and advancing quality. The healthcare company works with pharmacies and delivers patients their prescriptions to their homes.

In addition, the team has 200 qualified nurses who provide care to patients across the country. The nurses provide services such as TDD pump refills and maintenance. Some of the things they offer are advanced drug delivery and advanced infusion care. The company seeks to empower its employees and make a difference in the world at large but also with their patients. 3 of their key values are innovation, stewardship, and unity.

An issue that AIS Healthcare greatly cares about is fighting back and helping those struggling with an addiction to opioids. One of the ways they are reducing this is by offering medication through the use of a pump instead of orally. Pump medications are seen as a safer, more effective method; and it is difficult to abuse. This is simply the fact it is tough to take medicine out of a pump than taking pills orally. A nurse or doctor sees the medicine delivered via a pump so the risk of an overdose or abuse is greatly reduced.

Patients can not make a change to their plan without the authority of a nurse or doctor from AIS. More and more places are signing up for this type of treatment that the company offers. It is seen as more effective and safer. Patients and doctors also say this type of treatment costs less and is more effective in reducing pain and going into the body for treatment.

Randy DouthitAIC has locations in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and more states but is reopening a pharmacy of theirs in Valdosta, Georgia. They purchased the area in 2017 but have reopened it to create a better layout and add more to it.

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