The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation President- Shelton Haynes

In March 2021, Shelton Haynes was appointed the President and Chief Executive Officer of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation; since then, Shelton has been working full-time for the firm. His responsibility involves working hand n hand with the organization’s Board of Directors to ensure that the corporation’s goals and purposes are met. Just like any other top leader of an organization, Mr. Haynes is responsible for the company’s management. He must make sure that the firm meets its long and short-term agendas. Shelton is the top administrator at the company; he must ensure that the company is well-structured and running smoothly.

Since Shelton Haynes took over the top leadership of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, the firm has emerged from its hiding. It is now known as a gem in the corporate industry. Haynes has changed the company’s operations and made several renovations, including the reconstruction of Roosevelt Island Youth Center, substituting the Seawall Railing, Blackwell House, and Southpoint Park Shoreline restoration, among many other changes.

After his high school graduation, Shelton joined Hampton University for his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. After his graduation, Shelton got to work with the United States of America government with the New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development. Shelton is responsible for Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation and the Roosevelt Island community. He ensures that the community is the most secure in New York City. Shelton has also worked as the Chief Operating Officer at the Housing Authority of DeKalb County in Georgia. At the Housing Authority of Dekalb County, Haynes was responsible for operational initiatives, planning, and agency operations.

Shelton Haynes noted that no day is the same for him. However, he ensures he begins his day as early as 6 am, responds to emails, works out, and spends time with his family before going to the office. For Haynes bringing ideas to life is a specialty. In a statement, Shelton mentioned that he starts by taking notes of his wants and placing them into different thinking buckets. Shelton advises others to always stay true to themselves personally and professionally. The Chief Executive officer and President is committed to his duties at the corporation.