AIS Healthcare

AIS Healthcare AIS Healthcare is a Silicon Valley-based healthcare and technology startup. We are working to transform the healthcare industry by helping individuals personalize their medical care with AI-driven insights. We are building a revolutionary healthcare platform for patients, providers, and payers.

We aim to be the world’s leading blockchain-based healthcare organization focusing on precision healthcare, data science, and AI. Individuals deserve the power to make their own medical decisions. By bringing together doctors, governments, and consumers through our unique insights into health records and behavior, we are creating powerful new tools that empower individuals to take control of their health.

We were founded by two Stanford PhDs, a renowned former doctor, and a successful healthcare entrepreneur passionate about integrating AI with health and solving global problems with technology. Our team comprises PhDs, MDs, world-class software engineers, data scientists, and machine learning specialists.

AIS’s solutions anticipate individuals’ future health needs by analyzing their past health records and social media conversations. The results are presented to the individual and their physician through a mobile application. AIS is also working with governments to provide prediction models for disease and non-disease-related conditions that can be integrated into government programs.

AIS is a global organization with offices in Palo Alto, USA, and Berlin, Germany. It has received funding from the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) and Silicon Valley-based investors.

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In July 2017, AIS Healthcare hired two lead scientists from Google’s DeepMind AI subsidiary and two machine learning specialists from Stanford University to work on mapping out data management strategies for patients’ records and behaviors as well as for predicting disease by collecting data about human behavior patterns with the help of smartphones across various geographical locations.

AIS HealthcareWe focus on recruiting the best AI talent to join our team. We seek self-motivated JDs and Phds with diverse experience in machine learning and blockchain technologies to help us build Healthcare AI services for individuals, providers, and payers.