Akeem Jamal Takes on New Role to Promote Roosevelt Island’s Potential

Roosevelt Island, located in the heart of New York City’s East River, has plenty of potentials. However, it has flown under the radar for too long. Fortunately, the island is set to shine with the arrival of Akeem H. Jamal as the new Assistant Vice President of Communications and Government Affairs for the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC).

Akeem Jamal brings years of experience in progressively responsible government and communications roles, including as the City of Yonkers’ Deputy Communications Director. In his new position, he plans to work with a dynamic team to elevate Roosevelt Island’s public profile to the national stage while achieving measurable results in increasing tourism and protecting the quality of life enjoyed by the island’s residents.

With Jamal’s impressive track record of successful initiatives, Yonkers experienced rapid growth, increased participation in the 2020 census, and garnered support for the Maritime Association’s Ban the Barges campaign, resulting in significant economic growth. His valuable experiences have prepared him well to unlock Roosevelt Island’s tourism potential while ensuring that the needs of the residents are prioritized. Jamal’s expertise and leadership qualities make him the perfect fit for driving Roosevelt Island’s growth and prosperity.

According to Shelton J. Haynes, President, and CEO of Roosevelt Island, Jamal is the right fit to uplift the island’s public profile. With innovative ideas to transform the island, Jamal aims to attract visitors from all over the city, state, and nation. Haynes believes that by implementing Jamal’s ideas, Roosevelt Island will become a must-visit destination, exposing its unique and hidden gem status to the world.

A few months into Jamal’s tenure at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, Gretchen Robinson, RIOC’s Vice President and General Counsel, has noted his commitment, eagerness, and expertise to get the job done. With Jamal’s knowledge and experience, Roosevelt Island’s revitalization will begin soon.

With Akeem Jamal at the helm, Roosevelt Island is on the cusp of becoming a nationally recognized destination. The decision by RIOC to appoint Jamal demonstrates their dedication to raising the island’s public profile. His vast expertise and innovative ideas could push Roosevelt Island into one of the top spots for visitors to New York. With Jamal’s guidance, the future looks bright for Roosevelt Island’s tourism industry.