Athlo Founder Matthew Explains Why The Body Is The Greatest Engine.


What if someone told you the engine of your car doesn’t matter? What if it’s not the pistons or wheels that power a car, but your own body? That is one of the assumptions behind Athlo. Mansell talks about how his company’s innovative running shoe can help athletes and fitness enthusiasts reach their potential by freeing them from some of the difficulties associated with running.

Athlo has two primary goals in mind: to bridge the gap between elite athletes and the general public, and to provide a more sustainable alternative to the weightlifting model of training. The shoe development was inspired by Matthew’s personal experience as an athlete and runner. Being a world class competitor in many sports, he asserts that most athletes focus too much on their athletic performance and not enough on how they can improve physical fitness.

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Athlo founder Matthew Mansell knows his way around a treadmill. He’s spent the past two decades helping people lose weight, stay fit and have more energy through his gym. And now he’s brought that same expertise to the mobile app world by creating Athlo – a free fitness program designed to help you transform your body.

Matthew Mansell said even with the cautionary tale of Peloton, there’s a “huge opportunity” in the health and fitness space. Also, the next fitness unicorn will have apparel and gear that consumers can use anywhere.

Athlo is a customizable solution for the consumer market, and provides the ability to purchase workout clothes, shoes, and equipment from a single brand. The company deals in high-quality apparel, footwear, and gear for men, women, runners of any distance (novice or competitive), cyclists of any type (road or mountain), office workers that have an active lifestyle outside of work.

In addition to the traditional fitness offerings, Athlo has several unique programs that are unavailable at most gyms. These include the AthloFit Program, which combines elements of CrossFit and Functional Training, and the Athletics Program, which uses cutting-edge technology to help you reach your fitness goals.

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