CEO Yanni Hufnagel is Changing How People Drink Water

CEOs don’t typically come to mind when you think of the most influential figures in their industries. They never have the power to change products that millions of people use daily fundamentally, but CEO Yanni Hufnagel is doing just that. Yanni founded Lemon Perfect, a distilled water beverage with lemon juice, in 2017. He said he wanted to “create a new category that became the de facto choice.” “It’s that revolution in the drinking experience,” said Hufnagel. “Water can be good for you, but it doesn’t have to be boring.” While millions of people drink bottled water daily,Yanni Hufnagel believes bottled water is not necessarily better for your health than tap water. He said people only buy it from their homes because they think it tastes better than what they typically drink. With Lemon Perfect, Hufnagel said he wanted to re-energize people’s perception of water and make it exciting again.

  1. Enhanced Waters Flood the Market

Bottled water sales could have been a more profitable industry in the past. However, the rise of the bottled water industry has been steadily increasing since 2003. By 2015, it was estimated that the global bottled water market had reached $53 billion. In addition to this success, Hufnagel aims to re-energize their brand image with Lemon Perfect’s branding.

  1. Lemon Perfect’s Goals Become More and More Ambitious

In the past, Lemon Perfect only sold in California. But now, their product can be purchased in almost every state. Lemon Perfect has also created an online shop offering free shipping products. Hufnagel said he wants to have “Lemon Perfect in every home, every refrigerator and every bar.”

  1. The Future of Lemon Perfect’s Water Looks Pretty Satisfying

Yanni HufnagelHufnagel has also developed a new model for his lemon-infused water. He wanted to refresh the taste of water, so he figured out another way to make it taste better. He decided to work with a team of expertss who have worked on similar projects, like the osmosis filtration system and micro-filtering process. The process involves removing organic and inorganic impurities from water and then adding an antioxidant that helps to preserve the taste of water. It also helps to keep it whiter and fresher. The team is working on a new model to allow users to fill their bottles with the purest water they’ve ever consumed.