IM Academy

IM Academy is the leading chat- and video-based learning platform for fluent English-speakers. With over 3 million students, we provide our students with professional, affordable courses that are proven to take less than one hour a week. Our instructors are vetted by us and certified by them with success in international education, which is why you can trust that every online course is worth your time. Many payment plans also allow for free courses during trial periods. We cover topics including business, academia, and personal development.

IM Academy has been named 2017’s #1 BEST TRAINING APP in CHINA by Jingdong (JD). In addition to its use in China, IM Academy is also a popular choice in the US and Europe, particularly Germany. All the courses are free and available on the IM academy website. GoLive sessions in which students can practice applying the concepts they’ve learned in the videos to actual situations.

IM Academy has been providing high-quality English training to individuals and enterprise clients since 2010. With courses covering the most popular subjects such as English for Business & English for Academic Studies, you can improve your study habits while learning practical vocabulary that you can use in real life situations. Our instructors use a holistic approach to teaching online. This means they consider diverse components of communication, such as facial expressions, tone of voice, and the appropriate use of phrases. This approach is a crucial part of learning English, because English is a language in which all parts have to work together to convey meaning.

Real interaction with native speakers: Our courses provide you with opportunities to speak in English with real people from all over the world. Some courses even include chat-based games and exercises, allowing you to practice your language skills in a fun environment!

IM Academy’s focus on student-centered learning: We use a highly immersive and interactive course format to provide our learners with the best possible training experience. Our unique course structure allows you to learn English anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace. For example, you can follow courses on your laptop or tablet anywhere you are!

Reliable and accurate localization: Our localization experts ensure that our lessons are faithful to the original material while using the most up-to-date vocabulary that reflects today’s culture. We have an impressive success rate, which further demonstrates how effective IM Academy is at helping its learners achieve success in English. Click here for more information.


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