IM Academy

IM Academy is a website and app where teenagers can improve their English skills, learn how to code, become better with computers and technology, learn leadership skills, and more through in-depth IM Acids.

Benefits of participating in IM Academy


Students will learn the technicalities of business, become more adept with computers and technology, learn leadership skills, and make connections that can be useful down the road.


Students will develop skills to prepare them for college and future career opportunities. They’ll also make friends with others they can keep in contact with through email, phone, or social media.


Students will learn to lead and manage groups of people, whether it’s in the classroom or in a club. They’ll also develop strong leadership skills.


Students will make new friends and network with people who are interested in similar things as they are. Students can interact with other students through email, text, phone, or social media after graduating from the Academy.

Services offered in IM Academy.

Classes: This Academy offers video classes delivered over an MWOODLINK – related website or mobile application. Students can learn new skills and concepts through video lessons taught by professional teachers. Students are assigned tutors who send them emails outlining the day’s lesson, what they will be learning, and all of their homework. Students have access to lesson plans, resources, and study guides after signing up for an IM Academy account. Each week, students track how much time they spend studying each topic.

Club: IM Academy offers clubs for students to create and lead groups of people. Students can organize or join a club that aligns with their interests. Leaders can manage the club members and assign them each different task. Clubs are accessible by students via the Academy account, so they can access details on how many members are on the team, how many members are inactive, how many hours they’ve volunteered, and what they’ve accomplished.

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