John Savignano Merges Human Relationships and Accounting

Most people know businessman and entrepreneur John Savignano for his prowess in accounting. He is the current CEO of Bottom Line Consulting in New York and a professor at the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business. Savignano has worked in various finance and accounting firms, including PwC, Carl Zeiss AG, Master Card, and Artnet.

Even with his extensive knowledge and expertise in the tax and finance sector, he always insists on keeping the human element. In today’s world, most people rely on technology to do their work effectively. While this may help make work easier, it may limit the strength of human relationships. That’s why Savignano insists on maintaining strong bonds with clients even while implementing the new tactics. He believes that AI and text messages should never replace actual conversations.

Professor John Savignano believes in making accounting mean more than balance sheets. From his experience working in his parent’s business, he learned the value of human relationships. Savignano saw how the interactions and phone calls strengthened the bond with the buyers even when not talking about business. He always seeks to implement this today. Savignano believes in choosing accountants not just for their work but also for their chemistry with the client.

Automation and modern accounting tools help minimize the work and make the balancing more accurate. However, the person running the system will determine how to advise their client and help them perform better. Therefore, the accountant needs to keep a bond with the company owner and always have open communication lines. Keeping a positive relationship and constant communication makes one invaluable.

John Savignano advises his staff to ensure that technology does not take their place. Anyone can work on a computer and deliver the numbers. However, it takes commitment to foster friendship with the client. He also challenges accounting firms to look for ways to make their staff relevant in the market. Savignano states that if you build chemistry with a company, they will always value your advice and will keep you in business for life. Continue reading to this article: