When you help others, you experience happiness, which boosts your self-esteem. Individuals and businesses can benefit from charitable contributions and other acts of philanthropy. Doing good deeds for others tends to bring people together and contribute to the growth of their communities in ways that would not occur otherwise.

Why Charitable Work Matters

Wayne von Borstel is a business owner and entrepreneur who has spent decades working to improve the world. As part of his career, von Borstel founded the financial consulting firm, von Borstel and Associates. The firm’s clients seek assistance with managing their assets, safeguarding their wealth, and ensuring a more secure financial future for their families. Each of these issues has a solution available at this organization. The group of experts led by Wayne von Borstel has gained extensive knowledge over the years and can assist you in reaching your objective.

Von Borstel was a young man when he realized he had to assist others in any way possible. His mother was a good person who devoted her entire life to assisting others. At 18, his beloved grandmother entrusted him with her investments. Since then, he has supported himself by instructing others in the same techniques. He then obtained his Master of Science in Financial Services from the American College’s graduate school of financial services. He belongs to numerous professional organizations, such as the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, the Association of Estate Planners, and the Certified Financial Planners.

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Giving Back, One Step at a Time

Floods in the early 2000s orphaned hundreds of children. Who is currently being cared for at the Yasah orphanage in Sumatra, Indonesia? With the help of Papau, Von Borstel and Associates, four elementary schools, one middle school, and high school are built in the towns of Bokondini, Eragayiam, and Dogobok. They prioritize assisting indigenous peoples in the highlands and ensuring that all students receive the best education possible. Wayne von Borstel and his wife Marta place a high value on giving back to the communities where they have lived. Wayne and Marta’s generosity has helped those in need in Sudan, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Medan, Papua New Guinea, Honduras, and Bangladesh. Instead of judgment, grace and love are at the heart of the communities being built by these projects.