Ross Levinsohn

Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn is Shaping the Future of Sports MediaRoss Levinsohn is currently the CEO of Sports Illustrated CEO and Arena Group. As the former Senior Advisor at The Boston Consulting Group, he has led several enterprise digital projects. His leadership of the digital strategy and business development efforts at AOL, Yahoo!, and IBM recognized him as one of the most influential executives in digital media.

Business and Industry Experience

Ross started his career at The Boston Consulting Group before Yahoo! He was appointed Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Americas at Yahoo!, Inc., where he led the launch of the advertising business in July 2006. He also served as a Senior Advisor at The Boston Consulting Group, where he was an advisor to clients on a range of topics, including digital strategy and operations improvements. He is currently serving as CEO at Sports Illustrated Media and Arena Group.

Ross was also an Executive VP of the Americas at AOL, responsible for the sales and operations teams. He also led the redesign of AOL’s website and its many first- and third-party applications, including early versions of Skype, Flickr, and Yahoo! Mail. From November 2010 to 2012, Ross served as Senior VP & General Manager of Corporate Strategy at Yahoo!, Inc., where he led digital strategy and business development efforts for significant partnership transactions.

The Sports Illustrated CEO was also the Managing Director at Fuse Capital Partners, where he focused on managing and acquiring assets from the media and technology industries. He was also the President of Fox Interactive Media, which included the Fox Digital Entertainment Inc. subsidiary and the Fox Interactive Media Group Inc. subsidiary.

Rebranding The Arena Group

The Arena Group provides services for investment banking and management consulting for digital businesses. Arena also provides skill development for sports players, professionals, and enthusiasts and consulting for professional athletics organizations. This includes help in starting sports franchises and professional training of athletes. This is the first time The Arena Group has been a part of the media space; however, the group has done work for some substantial media companies, including Tribune Company and Comcast.