Scam Is Thrown Around Too Much When it Comes to QNET

QNET Scam is a popular term used to describe the alleged Scam led by QNET Marketing. The story says that people lured into QNET marketing were mostly rewarded with gift cards rather than the dream of financial freedom. It is these complaints that have been brought to light by many online sources.

However, QNET claims it is their intention for their company to bring about wealth for their members through various means, including but not limited to sharing resources, training skills needed for a new job market, and funding personal goals. In addition, they provide monetary support if someone falls on hard times due to unforeseen events such as illness or divorce.

QNET Marketing began operating in 2004, the same year that QNET Technology Company was incorporated in Delaware. The marketing company acts as the export arm of the QNET technology company. It has its head office in Bangkok, Thailand, and operates in more than 45 countries. In November 2005, they were awarded the ‘Regional Franchise Award’ at the World Franchise Summit Meeting held in Seoul, Korea… Continue reading

The product itself is simply an internet portal to facilitate access to a global network of companies with advanced financial services products (which are usually not available to everyone), a stock exchange and trading/investment in commodities, a depository for clients’ funds and an international transfer platform for foreign currencies.

QNET Scam is a leading company in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry.

They have achieved success beyond expectations and have multiple income streams. To their credit, they have done a lot of charity work by helping those in need worldwide suffering from disaster, poverty, and other significant issues. They are also contributing to health care, education, and environmental causes.

QNET scam uses multi-level marketing as a part of its multi-channel sales management to offer products and services targeted at consumers (such as financial products) through independent representatives and traditional sales channels for mass market distribution.