Tom Keane is enabling the development of extraterrestrial activities with Azure

With Azure, any developer can be a “space developer.” Microsoft has long augmented the software engineering community. Tom Keane is a software developer specialist. Visual Studio and Github are among the most all-encompassing developer tools and platforms accessible on a planetary scale. They assist with an expansive range of industries and applications.


These apps span healthcare, financial services, indispensable sectors, and space technology. Generating and utilizing data compiled from space can revolutionize numerous industries and pave the way for new ideals. Through associations, lunar information, our cooperative resources, as well as Microsoft services and abilities, Azure Space can unlock incredible opportunities for customers. Tom Keane currently leads all the expansion and development projects.


One year after the unveiling of Azure Space, Microsoft has concentrated on broadening its Azure Space environment by collaborating with leaders in the space sector to offer customers and partners more. Now, Tom Keane adds, Microsoft is extending its mission to make Azure Space the preferred platform and ecosystem for the space industry.


Tom Keane Leads Azure Global

This, through a new alliance with Airbus and the release of their premium satellite imagery and altitude data to Azure Maps. Today, we proudly declare the common access of Azure Government Top Secret, marking a key accomplishment in our dedication to providing unparalleled business advancement. Tom Keane recalls that he goes for federal clients across all levels of classified data. 


This declaration and new features and services in Azure Government Secret show Microsoft’s consistent pledge to fulfill national security objectives, allow clients and partners to accomplish their multi-cloud strategy vision, and gain better agility, interoperability, cost-effectiveness, and quicker innovation. In conclusion, Tom Keane finally adds, Microsoft is helping organizations across the US Intelligence Community make their missions more efficient, effective, and timely by bringing the intelligence space industry’s advanced technologies to Microsoft Azure Space.