Doug Haynes speaks about working cultures after the pandemic

Doug HaynesDoug Haynes, like many company leaders in the world acknowledges that technology has brought numerous remote working opportunities. These incredible platform has made it easy for people to work and earn a living even without living their living rooms. For a professional who relies on connections and networking for business, the remote work culture brought by technology is not very useful. Haynes loved the personal connections he had with customers during meetings and other business activities before hell broke loose two years ago. The pandemic scattered the dreams of aspirations of many individuals, especially Douglas who had so many high profile customers. The physical meetings in the office were cut short for the safety of the customers and other stakeholders in the business. Technology was the only way to navigate the challenge facing the world. Doug Haynes, adopted to the new changes, and he began to enjoy the new working culture of working from his house. Although he loved the traditional culture of being in the office, his preferences couldn’t bring any results into the business. The idea of going to meetings and having meals with customers came to an end. Douglas began to enjoy his personal relationships with several professionals through the online meetings. The form of interaction used was different, but the executive got used to it in the end.

Doug Haynes is starting to celebrate as the pandemic effects began to wear out. The lockdowns are ending in numerous states, and Douglas speculates that some of the new cultures brought by the pandemic might affect the working dynamics for good. The global disruption was serious for many people. Some company leaders discovered how to reduce the costs of running their businesses while the employees were delivering their work from their homes. Douglas wants the company leaders to be keen about relying on the new cultures, emphasizing on the need of human interaction for productivity in the workplace. The entrepreneur wants company leaders to encourage person to person office communication instead of telephone calls for effective running of businesses. The gatherings, according to Haynes, should also start happening in physical locations like in the old time. People need to put away from their mobile devices and engage like they are used to.