Randy Douthit role in the American justice system

Randy DouthitRandy Douthit, an American producer and business leader has worked hard for his position in the American television. At his prestigious position, the producer has met some of the biggest television stars in the world. Important people in the world such as presidents have also interacted with the executive due to his work in productive. The two most important shows produced by Randy Douthit include Judge Judy and the renowned Judy Justice. The creative producer doesn’t just fight for fairness and justice in the Judge Judy shows. The philanthropist believes in fairness and rule of law, even when people are away from the courtrooms. Randy Douthit proudly supports the well-known Vera Institute of Justice. The nonprofit making organization is very popular, and its main goal is to end the rampant overcriminalization in the United States. The foundation has fought the for the end of mass incarceration too. When the Judge Judy executive producer had an interaction with the Vera Institutive of Justice, he easily connected with the mission of the facility. Randy had attended one of the popular events organized by the foundation. While at the event, Randy heard a great message from one of the former prisoners who had tried his best to reshape his life.

Randy Douthit changed his opinion about justice after the event organized by Vera Institute of Justice. Randy felt that there was great need for some reforms in the American justice system. Randy later on discovered that the American prisons were already overcrowded. Although it is very important to protect the general public from some individuals, it is crucial for the people in prison to be given a chance to play a part in the society. The young incarcerated people should get a good opportunity to play a part in their society. The American criminal system sometimes fails to see that the root of imprisonment is bigger and deeper that the ordinary things seen by the judges. The people suffering in prisons were mostly never lucky to have a good upbringing. These people lived in homes where they endured great challenges, forcing them to take the wrong paths later in life.